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Babajide Sanwo-OluI pay police’s salaries in Lagos, not Buhari

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu claims that his administration pays the salaries of police officers in Lagos, though it is in the federal government’s control.

Mr. Sanwo-Olu was also frustrated that President Muhammadu Buhari had remained deaf to calls for state police.

“It is massive frustration, and it is a very simple thing that we are trying to address here,” Mr. Sanwo-Olu admitted. “We currently support the Lagos state police command in all affairs.”

The governor expatiated on the level of support, claiming, “We are paying their salaries. So, we are actually incurring those expenses already. But it will help us once we know there is state police.

He revealed this on Channels TV Sunday evening while discussing why he ditched Amotekun for LNSC.

Amotekun useless to Lagosians, won’t be adopted: Sanwo-Olu (

Insisting on the importance of each state controlling its police, Mr. Sanwo-Olu argued, “We should make state policing happen. That is really one of the critical things I believe would help us. It’s been said over and over again.

“Modern crime cracking now is intelligence. It is how well you can smell a black spot before it became an endangered species for you, and that is what intelligence is all about, and you tell the people who are in charge that information.”

He suggested that Mr. Buhari and his security advisers were not in tune with modern methods of cracking crimes, saying, “Those are the kind of conversations that we need to make a quick decision on in this country. We are supporting the Lagos state police command in all affairs and ramifications.

“But as it is still a federally-controlled police force. There is a limit to which we can intervene in their modes of parameter and their rules of engagement.”

Regarding the recent launch of body cameras for state-owned security operatives, the governor pointed out, “We said we need to stay along the line where we have a comparative advantage. These are our own security operatives.

“We want to hold you accountable. We want you to be accountable for your action and inaction. You are going to go through this protocol.”

Sounding pained that the police did not take a similar step, he said, “We cannot force the Nigeria police. We can persuade them.

“We are trying to encourage them. But it also has consequences that they need to also be accountable for this.”

According to him, however, the police considering providing body cameras for their officers.

“They need to know that in the events of issues or case, you will be held accountable.

“So they are looking at their own protocols, their own internal issues in their own internal structure.”

Mr. Sanwo-Olu added, “Maybe they will come back to us. Let’s start with the one within our control.”


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