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Bawa-led EFCC Writes CCB Over Tinubu’s Assets Docs

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has requested the Assets Declaration documents of former Lagos State governor, and National leader of the ruling APC,from the Code of Conduct Bureau.

The EFCC in its letter to the CCB, referred to its previous letter of September 4, 2020, and CCB’s response of October 9, 2020, asking the bureau to supply “outstanding requested information of Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu.” It was not immediately clear whether or not the CCB has obliged the EFCC’s request for additional information ever since, or the nature and scope of information provided if applicable.

Source: The Peoples Gazette

The ‘Peoples Gazette’ reports of a senior EFCC official familiar with Mr. Tinubu’s investigation saying the agency was aided in part by Nigeria’s adoption of a financial system driven by modern surveillance infrastructure.

Mr. Tinubu was already arraigned in 2011 for asset declaration fraud, but the matter was dismissed due to the failure of prosecutors to find enough evidence to substantiate their claim that he operated foreign bank accounts while governor between 1999-2007.

But the EFCC has now found additional information and believed it would successfully nail Mr. Tinubu using the same set of asset documents but with advanced layers of verification. Nigeria has adopted the bank verification number and strengthened its financial intelligence departments since 2011.

The EFCC source was further quoted as saying “Tinubu’s alleged asset fraud is only an aspect of multiple counts to be instituted against him by the EFCC”.


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