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Atiku Abubakar is forthright with the people. He communicates openly and often. As a leader Atiku always takes the time to communicate because the people are valued and important to him.

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Hajiya (Amb) Halima Suleiman played host to the Sell Market No Be Vote Project Team


Hajiya.(Amb.)Halima Suleiman played host to the Sell Market No Be Vote project team, headed by Amb.(Mrs) Emem Everest on 7th September, 2022. Team members of Nana Empowerment where also in attendance.

After a brief introduction of attendees by Mr. Charles Orifa who is the head of projects and development, Hadjia Suleiman warmly welcomed all to her beautiful home.

The National project coordinator, Emem Everest in her statement shared the idea behind the Sell market no be vote project. The project which is designed for business owners and low income earners in the society aims at sensitizing them of the power of their votes and how to rightly use it for a better Nigeria.
With proper electoral system education, empowerments and skill trainings, the team believes that we will be looking at a society where poverty and hunger is reduced and voters can overcome the temptation to sell their votes.

Amb. Suleiman in her remark appreciated the team for the good initiative and promised to support the campaign in anyway possible. She charged the team to make unity a major aim of the project because that will reduce most issues faced in Nigeria.

In her words, hunger and poverty are the major reasons people sell their votes. She encouraged the team to pay more attention on empowering the people because that will make more meaning to the masses. To support the project, she made cash donation towards promotional materials while looking forward to working with the team through out the campaign.

Donation of Patrol Vehicle to Mpape Police Division by PASS’ CEO Dr. George Uboh


Pursuant to CSP Onoh’s request, upon resumption of duty as DPO Mpape Police Division, to Dr. George Uboh for patrol vehicle to battle crimes and criminality, and after analysing Onoh’s selflessness In asking for vehicle instead of cash to repair their moribund vehicles, Panic Alert Security Systems (PASS), as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), donated a patrol vehicle to Mpape Police Division on this day Friday August 26, 2022. Vehicle handed over by PASS CEO Dr. George Uboh.

Jose Foundation To Host Ending Gender Based Violence Conference, Honour First Ladies, NGOs Fighting GBV.

The Founder, Jose Foundation UK, Dr. Martins Abhulimhen has concluded plans to honour first ladies across the country as well as non-governmental organisations who have made significant contributions in the fight against gender-based violence in Nigeria.
The event scheduled to hold at Transcorp Hilton hotel Abuja on Saturday, July 30, 2022 has as the theme, “Role of Media and Civil Society Organizations: Challenges and Prospects”.
The organisers expressed dissatisfaction that Nigeria is failing its women and girls in so many ways, stating that the latest spate of violence across the country has underscored the critical need for government to act swiftly to protect its most vulnerable and put an end to gender-based violence.
In a release on Sunday, the Ground Chair, Charles Orifa said, “From the camps of internally displaced persons, to states across the federation, it is the same story; women and girls have been victims of gruesome attacks.
“Ending Gender Based Violence Conference 2022 will provide an in-depth understanding of GBV in Nigeria and Africa at large. It will also provide guidance on how to offer the appropriate support to survivors of GBV using the resources and procedures currently available.
“Conference Event will include Opening Speech, Keynote Address, Lead & paper presentations, Workshops, Awards, Celebrating First Ladies & NGOs fighting GBV, GBV Trust Fund & Journal launch”.
This conference is aimed at building the capacity and commitment of participants to undertake programs targeted at eradicating GBV and to develop a new movement for gender equality.
It is also expected to offer detailed examination of the concepts of gender, GBV, sexuality, and rights. It further seeks to explore the impact of GBV on various sectors of development, particularly education, health and agricultural development.
In addition to the celebration of First Ladies and NGOs flighting GBV, Ending GBV Ambassadors will also emerge at the conference.
Charles Orifa who is also the head of Project & Development Office of Jose Foundation UK said among those expected at the conference include, Wives of Presidents of African nations, wives of state governors, women leaders, National Assembly members, heads of women organizations, representatives of non-governmental organisations and youth organisations.



When you see the faces on the image attached to this post what comes to your mind? 😀

For many Nigerians it is; “Ha!!!!???? 😲… They are great and anointed men of God o, they carry grace, God called them specially and gave them a commission”, blah blah blah…

Well, for me they are just another group of successful Nigerians! And like any other human being, they are flesh and blood. In fact, just as the kitchen kitten or cat who falls in the same group as the lion, Cheetah etc, all of whom belong to the cat family, these men, like everyone of us, belong in the hominid family, and all of us, sapiens (that’s humans), gibbons, orangutan, apes, gorilla, chimpanzees etc, are cousins! At least science as shown that humans and chimps share a surprising 98.8 percent of their DNA, and so whether we like it or not, we and those creatures are cousins!

So, for me these are ordinary men, successful, yes, but exactly in the sense that a Wizkid or a Davido is successful because fans contribute so much to what they are today. They sell a service; entertainment, exactly the same way these men sell religion!

As for carrying anointing, well, it depends on what you mean by the word anointing, for me, they do not carry anything 🙃. In fact, they are like any other human being, and in some respect, even worse! If they carry anything at all, it is their charisma, ability to talk people into buying thier ideas, the inability of most Nigerians to rigorously question what they are told, the content of their character, etc, and nothing more!

And just like the average human being, good and bad can happen to any of them and at anytime for that matter! And the good or bad that can happen to them has no bearing whatsoever on spirituality…the good or the bad is dependent on other factors! For example, if any of them boasts of good health, it is because they have access to the best medical care, healthy living coach and nutrition, etc, simple!

The late, great Pentecostal sage Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory, the greatest of them all if you ask me, and arguably the most spiritual, was on a preaching assignment when he died! It was reported that even is wife had left him abroad, only to wake up to the shocking news of his passing. Meaning, she had no inkling what was coming! But some of his church members would later find joy spreading rumour that he had resurrected, when that didn’t fly, they said he knew he was going to die 😃. Well, I am sure if we have a way of bringing Papa ldahosa back to life today and get a chance to ask if he really wanted to die when he did, I am very sure baba will say “no be so ooo!” 😃

Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life, someone who’s for years now put a reset on the brains of many of his followers, was preaching at a miracle crusade when his own wife, of blessed memory, who had been sick for a long time, died. In fact, when he was informed about her death and later arrived his home, one of his aide asked if they should pray and wake her up, baba was reported to have said not to worry, “let her sleep…” yet he went back to the crusade ground and began praying for others for miracles that some analysts say can’t be verified!

An RCCG member once gave a testimony in which she said an handkerchief Baba Adeboye prayed over brought back her daughter in-law and her child who were dead and were by then in the mortuary, yet the same baba’s son died last year, after crying, baba buried him…

For Bishop Oyedepo of Winners, on good authority, it is said that if not for his wealth, his own wife would have been dead long ago due to a certain health challenge!

See pastor Enenche for example, recently, while he was in Cameroon praying for people who claimed all manner of healings and were displaying crutches and wheelchairs, his own lead singer in his church’s choir, late Osinachi, of blessed memory, whom he himself had refered to a specialist doctor, later died…yet he went to far away Cameroon to “heal” people he didn’t know!

T B Joshua who, for close to two years was reported to be secretly seeing doctors abroad, was at the same time selling healing oil, holy water, etc to worshipers…baba later died too…may God rest his kind and generous soul!

Oyhakilome, with all his bravado, got involved in a messy divorce, in fact, his wife is reported to have since remarried and the reason for her calling the marriage quit, make I no talk…Chris Okotie, a man who’s been accused of dealing in drugs, has come off three marriages! In fact, in the last, the woman got to know of her own divorce in church after serving him breakfast at home that Sunday morning, yet these two Edo born “great men of God” counsel married couples in their various churches, on how to keep thier homes!

Then our home boy Apostle Suleiman, after shouting “sin sin sin” in his church, he would steal to a rendezvous to have his loins well attended by a certain Otobo 😀🤣

I can go on and on, it doesn’t matter which pastor you look at or how so called “spiritual” they say they are or are seen, you will see the same pattern that proves we are all the same!

Please do not get me wrong, the point is not to make jest of anyone or show insensitivity to someone’s pain, NO! My point is simply that, as humans, we are fragile, weak, vain and dust! Just like rain fall on the house of the good, the bad and ugly, good or evil comes to us all, no matter who you are. Unlike Pastor Chris who has variously boasted “I cannot be sick”, anyone can fall sick, including Pastor Chris! Good and bad is dependent on factors that has nothing to do with whether you are this or that, we are all humans!

Go to an average hospital today, you will find Christian and Muslims there, even pastors and imams! No one is immune! Just live well, follow your doctor’s advise, wish and hope for the best, be humble and that’s all!




“Verily, those who insult Allah and His Messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world, and in the Hereafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating torment.
Accursed, they will be seized wherever found and slain with a fierce slaughter”
-Quran 33:57&61

If you were shocked seeing images from a viral video showing the cold blooded murder of late Miss Deborah Yakuku, a 200L student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto who was stoned to death and thereafter set alight for what her killers called “blasphemy” against the Prophet of Islam, the ongoing protests in Sokoto by youths of the city, asking the release of two suspected killers in police custody and the various justification of the killing by even highly placed Nigerian Muslims, calls for serious worry.

After watching that video, I asked myself a few questions;

What exactly was Deborah’s offence? Someone mentioned in a Facebook post that her opening word were “Ba(bu) abunda zai fary da mu”, meaning “Nothing will happen to us”. As is apparent from that sentence, what threat was she reacting to? We know of the tensions common between members of both faiths in that region, did someone insult her faith first, for which she felt obliged to react in such a way her killers considered blasphemy? Her viral Voice Note suggests she was clearly angry that some course mates were spamming the class WhatsApp group chat with messages outside the purpose of setting it up, isn’t that normal with many chat group admins? Deborah was a northerner like her killers, yet they killed her anyway, for an offence they say she committed against an Arab, will we ever witness a situation in which Arabs will set a fellow Arab ablaze because she “insulted” Sango or Queen Amina?

Following the incident, a number of people have insisted that Islam or it’s Prophet do not support the killing of those considered to have blasphemed. I believe such people are either ignorant of the religion, or are being politically correct or better yet are out rightly mischievous!

Under the Islamic Sharia, those who insult Muhammad or Allah are to be executed. So are those who desecrate the Quran or commit other acts considered blasphemy by followers of the religion. This tradition began with Muhammad himself, as recorded in the Hadith and by his biographers. What happened in Sokoto is perfectly in line with Islamic teachings, the only alteration is that those college students took the law into their hands. And you will be shocked to know the number of highly placed Muslim faithful, many of them closeted fanatics, even in the so called moderate south western part of Nigeria, who support those killers, and that’s why eventually they may be set loose!

Apart from the verses I quoted in the outset of this piece, countless more, the hadiths, Sunna and even history, are filled with examples of how the Islamic Prophet himself treated those who insulted him. For example, Sahih Bukhari in chapter 59:369 recounts the murder of one Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, a Jewish poet who wrote verses about Muslims that Muhammad found insulting. In response the Islamic prophet asked his followers, ‘Who will rid me of this man?’ and several of them volunteered. al-Ashraf was stabbed to death while fighting for his life…history is full with killings of this nature, including even that of an old woman!

What happened to Deborah is not new, it’s been happening and will continue to happen, if the leaders of the religion do not reflect deeply on what they teach their followers and think of ways of reforming the religion!

On June 2, 2016 for example, one Bridget Agbahime, a kitchen utensil vendor at Wambai market in Kano politely asked one Mr. Dauda to move his ritual Islamic cleaning from the front of her shop. For this, she was accused of blasphemy and summarily wasted. Her killers where later set free by court, as requested by the State’s Attorney-general.
In 2016, one madam Eunice Elisha Olawale, an early morning preacher said to be the wife of a Redeemed Christian Church of God pastor, was slaughtered and later found in the pool of her own blood in the early hours of the morning, as she went preaching her message. Her killers were also freed by the police.

In 2007, in Gombe state, one Mrs Christiana Oluwasesin was lynched by Islamists, dragged, stoned, and stabbed to death, her body was also set ablaze because her killers believe she didn’t deserve a befitting burial, after a female student in the school she was teaching accused her of touching the Quran during an examination she was invigilating. Investigation would later prove she was innocent. Even though her killers were arrested during the uproar, and even confessed to killing her, they were later set free. As I type, there is still no Justice for her.

These were women with families, loved ones, and their stories represents an infinitesimal example of the number of people who have been wasted over the years on accusation of blasphemy.

If these crimes were perpetrated by ordinary Muslims, as we have seen from the justification of Deborah’s killing, even top ranking Muslims and public figures like the current governor of Kaduna state have variously shown a certain disrespect for the sensitivity of Christians that will not be tolerated by Muslims, a further proof that religious intolerance travels in one direction in Nigeria.

For example, in 2014, the governor tweeted: “if Jesus criticizes Jonathan’s government, Maku, Abati or Okupe will say that he slept with Mary Magdalene”. That tweet angered many Christians, and in response, the Christian Association of Nigeria CAN, while praising the “maturity and dignified restraint of the Christian populace, in the face of inflammatory and provocative statements…” advised them not to “…allow him to turn Nigeria into a cauldron of fire by his reckless, bigoted and twisted commentaries about our Lord or our faith…” Imagine if it was a southern Christian governor who said “Even if Mohammad criticizes Buhari, Femi and Garbar would say he slept with Ayesha…” what would the response be? A few examples would give you an answer.

In 2001, Nigeria’s Agbani Dariego won the Miss World contest. The international body then decided to move the 2002 pageant to Nigeria. During preparations for the occasion, a journalist by the name Isioma Daniel, in a bid to show the wide acceptance that she hoped the competition should enjoy, wrote that the contestants were so beautiful even the Islamic Prophet would probably have chosen a wife from one of them.

A bloody riot ensued in this same Kaduna where El Rufai currently presides, and claimed over 200 lives. As I write, none of the perpetrators of those killings have been prosecuted.
Even though ThisDay newspaper, inundated with telephone calls from furious Muslims, blamed, stripped the writer of all her responsibilities, published a retraction on its front page and apologized for her infraction”, the Muslims did not stop the riots and killings. In fact, ThisDay office in Kaduna was sacked and burned to the ground by “four busloads” of Muslims.

They later attacked where the Christians live, among the slaughtered were two Muslims students who fiercely denied being Christians, but were killed by accident simply because they were wearing T-shirts rather than traditional Islamic clothing!
Daniel fled to neighbouring Benin Republic. Despite all her travail, Islamic clerics from Zamfara State Nigeria, issued a fatwa against her “for insulting the prophet” and the deputy governor Mr Shinkafi declared: “Like Salman Rushdie, the blood of Isioma Daniel can be shed. It is binding on all Muslims wherever they are to consider the killing of the writer as a religious duty.”

A point worthy of note is that, when non-Muslims say or do things that Muslims consider offensive, (remember the Danish cartoonists?) Muslims won’t give thought to whether the ‘culprit’ was Christian or not, they’d just assume they were and begin to kill Christians and burn churches. That is why many Nigerians are yet to understand the one-sided nature of religious bigotry and persecution in Nigeria in particular and in the world in general.

Countless examples like Daniel’s story throw up the question of why Muslims, call them extremists if you like, are so intolerant of non-Muslims and their feelings? It’s ok for example, to insult Jesus and Christianity, in fact, everyday; we see slurs and derisive comments come from Islamic quarters, but it not ok for Christians/non-Muslims to even belch a word ‘against’ Islam even in their bedrooms, even if it were in exercise of their fundamental right to free speech.
Sadly, the entire Muslim world not to talk of the Nigerian ummah, is in total turmoil to answer this question how much more to proffer a solution.

Of course there will always be an exception to all these, but the truth is, Muslims tend to see themselves as superior to other human beings, even to the hosts in lands they are strangers, and this, to a large extent, explains their disrespect and intolerance, except we want to deny the obvious.

It is time for the Nigerian government to form some type of national cohesion among the nationalities and religions, and it is also time for the Islamic leadership to rein in their followers, through teaching of love and reforms, and we must stop putting politics before everything else, including welfare of citizens. The government must also stop portraying the image of themselves as favouring one religion or ethnic group over others and prosecute criminals. The Nigerian Constitution recognizes Nigeria as a secular state and so must be supreme to other bodies of laws, rather than we allowing religion to undermine its power.

God bless Nigeria.


Albert Afeso Akanbi is a writer, filmmaker & humanitarian. He has five books, a number of short stories, documentaries and countless op-ed articles to his credit. He writes from Abuja, the FCT, Nigeria.

Everest Helping Minds Foundation Empowers Community With Healthcare Provision


In the spirit of love and giving back to the society, Everest Helping Minds Foundation has conducted a free medical and empowerment outreach at Guidna community, Kaba district in Abuja.

Through the outreach, members of Everest Helping Minds Foundation offered free medical check-ups, family planning consultations and distributed food items to members of the community.

Over 200 women benefited from the outreach directly.

Speaking at the event, Emem Everest, Founder, Everest Helping Minds Foundation, disclosed that prior to their recent visit, the Foundation had carried out due diligence in the community and identified that despite the availability of a host of basic amenities such as light and water, the community was lacking in healthcare provision, which is a necessity in every community.

“The initial plan was to celebrate Valentine’s Day here at the community. But during our first visit, we realised that the people here needed urgent medical attention, because there is no healthcare centre in the community and especially since the closest health center is miles away,” she revealed.

This view was corroborated by the Youth Leader, Guidna Village, Dantani Jeto, who stressed that the major challenge facing the community was the lack of a health center.

He noted that the people in the community have to be taken to Kubwa for treatment whenever there was need for medical attention.

Adding that, “especially at night, it becomes very challenging because transportation becomes an issue. So this visitation from Everest Helping Minds Foundation is timely and well appreciated.”

According to Emem, a clinic will be built in the community to ensure the people of Guidna have access to basic healthcare.

“With the amount of women with health issues, mostly cancer, we plan to seek medical attention for them,” she said. “For Guidna community and others like it, we plan to build health centers for easier access to medical care,” he said.

She also revealed that in the near future, the Foundation intends to activate an empowerment plan which will support women financially by giving them business grants and loans.

Chief of Guidna Village, Umar Danladi Guidna, who welcomed the delegation from the Foundation at his palace, expressed his gratitude to the Foundation for their humanitarian efforts in the community.

An enthused Blessing Luka, a beneficiary of the free medical and empowerment outreach, also expressed her happiness with the exercise.

“Honestly I’m so happy with the visitation of this foundation. There was an outreach here last week but the crowd was too much so I couldn’t check my blood pressure. But today I was able to run some medical check ups. I appreciate this group, they were organised and things were in order.

“It will be good if more visitations like this happen often because majority of the women here are not that educated. For most of them it’s only in these outreaches they have access to healthcare. If you tell them to go to the hospital they find it difficult.

“Especially checking of BP, most women collapse often because they don’t get to check their BP, but interventions like this, makes it easy for the people to run health checks and address issues concerning their health,” she said.

Through their outreach in Guidna, Everest Helping Minds Foundation made a bold statement that healthcare is a right not a luxury, which is in line with the vision of the foundation to raise the standard of living in communities and productivity among people in communities especially the underprivileged.

Police arrest Abba Kyari


The suspended former head of the Nigerian police’s Intelligence Response Team, DCP Abba Kyari, has been arrested by the police.

The PUNCH reports that Kyari was arrested alongside four others on Monday.

The celebrated cop was arrested hours after National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) declared him wanted over alleged drug links.

NDLEA said Abba Kyari, who was suspended for his relationship with fraudster Abass Olorunwa, better known as Hushpuppi, is a member of an international drug cartel.

“With the intelligence at our disposal, the Agency believes strongly that DCP Kyari is a member of a drug cartel that operates the Brazil-Ethiopia-Nigeria illicit drug pipeline, and he needs to answer questions that crop up in an ongoing drug case in which he is the principal actor,” NDLEA spokesman Femi Babafemi said.

The anti-drug agency said it contacted the suspended top cop for questioning but refused to respond.


Reflection On Some Old Testament Stories.



After completing Richard Dawkins’ book “The God Delusion”, I found myself in some type of reflection on the nature of the God that comes across in the pages of the scriptures of the three monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam!

I began to have the feeling that there is no way the God of the Koran or the Old Testament of both the Jewish and Christian scriptures for example, can be the same as the sort of GOD that men like Baruch Spinoza inferred in their works.

Although Sir Dawkins is atheist and I can’t say I am, here are a few reasons why I tend to agree with some of his arguments, and thus believe that there is no way that that indefinable force, the sum total of all the inexplicable forces on display in the universe, many of which science is yet to comprehend, i.e dark matter -GOD, can be the same as the one who spoke to Prophet Moses and Prophet Mohammad in their day.

Consider this, today there is hardly any Christian, especially those from the Sunday School tradition who doesn’t know about the Noah and the Flood story in the Holy Bible.

But how many of them know that this story was taken from the Babylonian myth of Uta-Napisthim which in turn took some of their own stories from older mythologies of several cultures of Mesopotamia?

And like many other Old Testament stories, what exactly is the moral of the flood story that Bible writers felt the need to incorporate into the book of Genesis?

Ok, the religious God took a dim veiw of humans, got angry with their “sins”, and then decided to drown all of them including innocent new born kids and blameless animals, for the “sins” of others, why?

Even the American government, a group comprising imperfect humans, the Israelis, who’s srcribes are the major plagairizers of ancient religious stories, both know better than the wholesale masacre of entire populations for the sins of a few, they know how to send thier unmanned drones for example, and soldiers on surgical strikes of enemies and terrorists, and when mistakes are made and collateral damages are recorded, they feel embarrassed, how much more the religious God who is said to be all-knowing…

One would expect that for an all-knowing God who knows exactly who the sinners were, a judicious use of other means of killing, i.e heart attack, maybe in their sleep, could have been employed…but no, not for the religious God of Islam, the Jews and Christianity…a God who seem to prefer the massacre of entire populations of both new born babies, hapless animals and even beautiful plants and flowers, because he’s angry with sinners!

Take the story of Sodom and Gomorrah as another example? Two male angels are said to be sent to both cities, Lot took them under his roof, at night, we are told ALL the men of the city arrived his home, demanding Lot to hand the strangers over so they could “know” (a word we are told is translated from another word said to mean rape) them…Lot pleaded on their behalf, even offering his virgin daughters instead. First, how possible is it for all the men in an entire city to gather at the home of one man just to demand sex with his two visitors, then, will it make sense for Lot to offer his daughters if the men were really homosexuals who were only out for gay sex? Well, that’s not even the point of this write up!

Why is no one asking why Lot would even offer his daughters in the first place, bargaining off their virginity when the angels knew they could and would eventually strike the sex starved men with blindness? What does his action tell you about the value of women in the God believing Jewish society of those days?

Later, Lot and his family will escape God’s destruction of the two cities with fire and brimestone, and that same God would turn his wife to a pillar of salt for merely looking over her shoulders for one last peep at the fate of a city she once called home, and his two daughters will reappear in the story when they decided to have sex with their father. They would get the man drunk, so the story goes, and Lot will be so drunk not to know it was his daughters in bed with him, but not too drunk to have sex with them and get them pregnant.

How could this dysfunctional family of Lot where father sleeps with daughters be the religious God’s best and most morally upright family, his only example in the place of innocent kids whom he felt obliged to destroy in those two cities?

Then we read in the book of Judges chapter number 11 where a Jewish military leader Jephthah, made a bargain with the religious God. If God ensured his victory against the Ammonites, he would sacrifice the first thing or person that comes to greet him when he returns from war, he promised. He would go on to win the war, and it would turn out that the day he returned, it was his only daughter who came to welcome him first! He would sacrifice her and God will not prevent the sacrifice of a complete human being just to satisfy a bargain…we know that apart from the the Aztecs who killed about 20,000 people every year to appease the gods, Africans, the Jews and many other cultures engaged in human sacrifices at some point in their history, and even the religious God appears to favour human sacrifice when he is said to sacrifice his own son for men as the Christian theology goes…

We also read about how the religous God inspired Prophet Moses according to the Holy Bible to lead the ancient Jews, from one community to the other, pilaging and exterminating innocent cultures around them, from the Jebussites, Midianites, to the Canannites, just name it…in one occasion, God even told Moses to kill the women, children and animals, but to keep the virgin for his men…

One would expect that a God who created the entire universe with countless planets in it, would just pick a fresh planet, turn it to a paradise and hand it over to his so called chosen race rather than instruct them to go about killing and genociding innocent cultures in other to take thier lands…

The atrocities in the Old Testament didn’t stop with Moses, a man from whom the Islamic Prophet Mohammad borrowed a leaf and took atrocities in the name of God to a new low, it continued with Joshua, to even king David before Jesus appeared and taught the Jews something different…or did he?

The truth of the matter is that the religous God is man made, and a lot of religous leaders, in those days as the case is today, often cited his directive in carrying out so much atrocities, gain control of the minds of others and make personal gains…certainly, that can not be the almighty GOD, no….that particular God comes across as jealous, short tempered, petty and vindictive.

With or without religion, there will still be good people doing good and bad people doing bad things! But for good people to do really evil things, it often takes religion to brainwash and indoctrinate them…

Although this is not to say religion doesn’t have it own positives, but for the most part men use it as justification for all forms of atrocities…