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Calls For Middle Belt/North Central Presidential Agitation Gains Momentum 2023

Many political groups, youth, and women organizations from the middle belt region or north-central region of Nigeria have started agitations for the presidential position to be zoned to the region.

The north-central Nigerian states which have been marginalized all these years have started a serious call for the 2023 Presidency.

According to a political group in the region, NCCP, the region has not produced a democratically elected president in the history of the country and the 2023 elections is a time to make history.

“Equity and fairness are all we’re demanding for. We are part of the fatherland.
“We host 90% of the mineral resources, we’re the gateway between the north and the south, we’re the deciding factor for all Presidential elections, we’re the only zone without threats to indivisible Nigeria”.

“we’re not asking for our own republic, we have no regional security network, we’re without terrorists or terrorism, we’re the peacemaker and the most patriotic zone”

“All we are asking for is a sense of belonging and the opportunity to lead. We want to make the difference and we want the youths in power”.

North Central (loosely known as Middle Belt) consists of the following states:
Federal Capital Territory

2023: Calls for North Central/Middle Belt Presidency Gaining Momentum across Nigeria


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