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Court Whistleblower Hints On Emefiele’s Bribe To Retired Judge&Police DIG

A whistleblower at the FCT Federal High Court, Abuja who wishes to remain anonymous has revealed, that Dr. George Uboh, Chairman, George Uboh Whistleblowers Network (GUWN), has written a petition seeking to transfer his ongoing case at the Federal High Court, initiated by the governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

According to the whistleblower, Uboh’s petition is reported to be loaded with allegations of bribes Emefiele gave the retired Chief Judge Ishaq Bello, and the retired DIG of Police Mike Ogbizi, who had hijacked a letter Emefiele wrote the IGP, treated the letter himself and is using the letter to prosecute Uboh albeit the letter is nothing but a charade.

Emefiele, had in response to Uboh’s letter which alleged over $2.5 Billion USD missing under Emefiele’s watch at the CBN, constituted a panel at the CBN to investigate itself, then sent the investigative report to the police.

The letter bore DIG Ogbizi’s stamp dated June 13, 2019 at force CID Area 1, but letter was sent to his boss the IGP at the force headquarters, Louis Edet House. By Implication, the IGP did not minute the 2nd June 2019 letter to the DIG same way he did the May 2019 letter. In so doing, DIG Ogbizi arrogated IGP’s powers to himself in treating the June 2019 letter unilaterally.

DIG Mike Ogbizi,retd

In all these, one is poised to ask, since when in Nigeria’s law enforcement history has the accused person, in this case (Emefiele) become the investigator of facts levelled against him, and the Nigerian Police becomes the recipient of investigative report prepared by the accused?

If the CBN boss Emefiele deemed the allegations in Uboh’s letter to be false, is Emefiele not supposed to either respond to Uboh the same way the Vice-President and number 2 citizen of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, also responded to Uboh on allegations Uboh made against the VP (see VP’s letter to Uboh)? For which Uboh made it a point of duty to clear the VP’s name in all the allegations.

Perhaps, Emefiele could have petition Uboh to any law enforcement agency and allowing the law enforcement agency(ies) to invite both men (Emefiele and Uboh) where both parties will be given the opportunity to defend allegations and counter-allegations with attached evidences?

It will be a ‘Burden on Truth’, If the IGP and the police force continue to embark on this trajectory of detaining and jailing activists and anti-corruption crusaders who expose the high and mighty.

Recall, rights activist IG Wala, was jailed for exposing the wanton corruption in hajj commission under the guise of defamation of character, thereby allowing the corrupt high and mighty to get away with heinous corrupt practices.

IG Wala, Rights Activist

If the system will detain and jail activists and anti-corruption crusaders in guise of defamation, is that not corruption itself? Why should the police protect the high and mighty more than its image?

Questions of a sinister arrangement is already getting asked between the institution of the Police and the Central Bank of Nigeria, and it concludes by urging the IGP and his boys to tell Nigerians “how much Emefiele paid them to prosecute George Uboh?”

Comrade Ishaku “Rudebone” Mustapha
( The Author)

Please disseminate after reading. We must kill corruption within the police force.


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