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CRIME: US Based Nigerian Doctor Kills Wife,Commits Suicide

United States Police are investigating the death of a Nigerian couple believed to have resulted from murder-suicide.

Dr. Ben Okigbo and his wife, Theresa, were found dead in their Sugar Land, Texas home on Friday morning, according to police.

“One of the kids dialed 911 (the emergency police number), apparently there was a fight or disturbance going on inside the resident,” Police chief, Eric Robins, said.

The police said that when officers arrived, they found the couple dead inside the home.


Police said the couple’s three adult children were also at the scene, with two of them suffering non-life-threatening injuries.
Neighbours were said to have been shocked when they heard the news.

Chief Robins added, “it’s a tough situation, especially with Christmas a week away, We try to make sure our residents are safe in the City of Sugar Land. But when these types of things happen, especially during this time of the year, holiday season with everything else that is going on, we ask people who have crisis in their home to seek out and reach help,” he said.



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