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DMX Is Still Alive And On Life Support.

Luenell a Comedian posted a message on her story suggesting that the rapper DMX had passed away, causing the internet to be convinced he was dead.

Posting to her Instagram story, she wrote: “It is over. My friend is gone. Soar with the birds. Join the best that ever did it. RIP… DMX.”

She later deleted her post after realizing her mistake, apologizing and clarifying: “When your spirit leaves and your organs fail you, the body becomes just a shell. One becomes wrapped in the Lord’s arms. That what ‘I’ call gone. I’m sorry to all. #DMX”

DMX’s manager, Steve Rifkind posted a video statement to say that DMX was still alive and that his family would be issuing a statement tomorrow.

“Everybody posting these rumor’s, DMX is still alive, he is on life support,” he said.

Luenell and DMX starred together in the film Never Die Alone, and were good friends.

She previously posted a photo of the two of them together on set and wrote in the caption: “On this Easter Sunday, @dmx Earl Simmons you r Heavily on my mind and in my heart.

“My soul is in that hospital room with you today, fighting by your side. I love you”
Fashion brand Saint posted a breaking news bulletin stating that DMX had passed away at the age of 50, which soon went viral, reaching 30,000 retweets before the mistake was rectified and the post was later taken down.

The star had a heart attack at the weekend and is currently on life support

The damage was already done, however, and soon RIP DMX was soon trending on Twitter over 80,000 times.

This is not the first time this week the rapper has been falsely accused dead.

Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Claudia Jordan apologized on Tuesday for mistakenly tweeting that DMX had passed away.

She wrote: “I deleted it. And apologized. I feel awful.
“I didn’t intend on hurting anyone or doing anything wrong. I understand how people are feeling as I am too. It’s been heavy on my mind since he fell ill. But they’re right. Not my place. I just want to pray for the whole family & all his supporters that are in pain.”

DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons went into cardiac arrest at the weekend and is currently fighting for his life at White Plains Hospital, north of New York City,
It was tragically revealed by TMZ yesterday that the 50-year-old had “not regained brain function” one week on from his heart attack, leaving his family with the agonizing decision of whether to turn off his life support.


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