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Ex- FBI Director Comey Tackles Trump

Former United States FBI Director James Comey said the worst punishment President Trump can receive for inciting a mob of his supporters to attack the Capitol last week is being ignored by the American public after he leaves office.

Speaking during an interview on Tuesday, Comedy said, “The president needs to be sanctioned for his behavior and held accountable. I think it is important that he be impeached.

“I still think it would be better for this country if we move past a fallen and corrupt president, and turned off the television lights on him, which in some ways, would be the greatest punishment he could imagine.”

Since supporters of the president stormed the Capitol building last week, critics have said Trump incited the violent outburst and suggested he be held criminally liable for enflaming political tensions after losing the November presidential election.

Comey, who has been critical of Trump since his firing in 2017, in a new book suggested the president not be prosecuted or pardoned by Biden for the good of the nation.

“Whether or not our next president pardons Donald Trump, and whether or not the Department of Justice pursues him, the American people should be told why,” Comey in a new book.

Comey said Trump has damaged public trust in the election process by peddling false or misleading claims of voter fraud and it is incumbent on elected leaders to clear the “fog of lies” he said Trump has created.


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