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FA moves to replace English Premier League with British Premier League

English Football Association has expressed plans to advance the current Premier League structure into the British Premier League.

These moves would see teams from Scotland participate in the British Premier League.

MirrorUK reports adds that the new moves are part of the plans to remodel the Premier League which also include cutting the number of participating teams from 20 to 18.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino already gave the innovation a nod as he has lent his credence to “cross-border leagues”.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson would also be hoping the introduction of these Scottish teams help ward off growing independence calls.

The reports confirmed that the top six clubs in England have already signaled their approval for the addition of Scottish teams Celtic and Rangers to the Premier League.

News about the implementation and remodeling of the English Premier League grew after the botched plan by twelve top European teams to create the new European Super League off the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea were the six English teams who initially subscribed to the European Super League.

Welsh teams, Cardiff City and Swansea, have actively participated in the English Premier League even though they are from Wales.

Surprisingly, Swansea won the 2013 English League Cup now known as the Carabao Cup all the way from Wales.

Great Britain have been the qualifying team to the Olympics with athletes from all nations under the British Royalty representing GB.

The addition of Scottish teams to the Premier League would make the Northern Ireland teams also a likely access in future.


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