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Fans not happy: Chadwick Boseman didn’t win Oscar for ‘Best Actor’

Fans are outraged as Black Panther star, the late Chadwick Boseman, loses Oscar for Best Actor to Anthony Hopkins on Sunday night.

After battling cancer, the 43-year-old Boseman died in August 2020.

He lost the Oscar to Anthony Hopkins in his role “the father.”

The announcement of Hopkins as ‘Best Actor’ triggered an online spat movie buffs on Twitter as many felt Boseman’s performance in ‘Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom’ was outstanding and more deserving of the award.

A fan, Tyler @tbslpinks, tweeted, “We aren’t just upset that Chadwick lost.. we’re upset at the fact that the academy used him for views and literally profited off of his death?”

Another movie buff, Skyler @lokixfriggasxn, stated, “Nobody said Anthony didn’t deserve to win, but they invited Chadwick’s widow out there just to not give him the award and use his death to get views.”

Accusing the organizers of the awards of using Boseman’s name as bait, a fan, Zcap @multiversable, pointed out, “Why are y’all some of y’all not understanding that most of us aren’t even mad at the fact that Anthony won instead? We’re mad bc they used Chadwick’s name the whole night, baited his family and friends, profited off of him, and STILL snubbed him. that’s why we’re mad.”

Producer Franklin Leonard took to his social media to share a comforting message with the outraged fans.

“Honestly, not even stressed about Chadwick not winning, because I know Chadwick wouldn’t have been stressed about not winning.

“He would, however, want us to go back to work tomorrow, aiming unconscionably high in both art and humanity. So that’s what Imma try to do,” he wrote.

Hopkins’ win made history as the oldest winner and nominee in that category.

The Black Panther star was posthumously nominated for ‘Best Actor on March 15, 2021.


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