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FIRS Boss Nami Vindicates Uboh on over $10B USD Fraud Allegations against Oil Coys, Fowler etc Pending before NASS

FIRS chairman Muhammad Nami came out boldly to accuse multinational oil companies of tax evasion of over 5.4 Trillion Naira (over $17 Billion USD), as reported on the front page of Thisday Newspaper of Tuesday January 12, 2021.

But wait a minute. Dr. George Uboh, chairman George Uboh whistleblowers Network (GUWN), has been making same allegations for years. George Uboh met with same Nami on May 8, 2020 to table sane allegations during which time Nami was receptive, but could not engage Uboh to recover the funds because FIRS does not receive Cost of Collection on oil related tax revenue. Uboh as well met Tunde Fowler on March 5, 2020 at his Maitama, Abuja residence during which time Uboh showed Fowler evidence of over $10 Billion USD tax evasion fraud perpetrated by oil companies to which Fowler responded that the evidence is correct, that Shell alone evaded over $8 Billion USD, but that the late chief of staff Kyari (who was alive then) asked him Fowler to stagger Shell’s tax payment within 10yrs, to which Uboh responded that such verbal directive from Kyari contradicts the then-trending query from same Kyari to Fowler for under remittance of tax revenue; that asking him Fowler to stagger Shell’s payment would amount to asking Fowler to engage in same activity that premised the query hence such action would be tantamount to approbating and reprobating.

Thereafter, Uboh petitioned FIRS, Tunde Fowler and Aniko Emmamuel to the house committee on public petition, inter alia. A hearing was held on December 9, 2020 during which FIRS denied Uboh’s allegations. Within a month FIRS boss Nami has now come to vindicate Uboh.
While Uboh thanks Nami for his gutsiness, patriotism and willingness to not betray his oath of office, Uboh advises that Nami should take on FIRS staff who “aid and abet” these errant oil companies In evading taxes by cooking their books through understating of revenue and overstating of expenses, among other schemes and modus operandi.

See attachements below

guwn pettition to NASS Fowler firs

– Dr. George Uboh


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