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“For Supporting Election Lawsuit,GOP Lawmakers Brought Dishonor To The House”-Pelosi

United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, came hard on  Republicans in the House who joined on to a lawsuit from Texas seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election in four battleground states.
Pelosi  while hailing the Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the suit, which sought to subvert the results from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, noted that 126 Republican House members signed onto the suit, which was based on spurious claims of voter fraud.

Pelosi said, “The 126 Republican Members that signed onto this lawsuit brought dishonor to the House. Instead of upholding their oath to support and defend the Constitution, they chose to subvert the Constitution and undermine public trust in our sacred democratic institutions.”

“The pandemic is raging, with nearly 300,000 having died and tens of millions having lost jobs,” she added. “Strong, unified action is needed to crush the virus, and Republicans must once and for all end their election subversion – immediately.”

The rebuke came after the high court shot down the suit from Texas, which 17 other state attorneys general signed on to.The court ruled that Texas lacked the legal right to litigate over how other states conduct their elections.


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