Whistleblower Rules around the world


(EU 2019 /1937 – “the Directive” or “EUWBD”)
— needs embedding in national laws and compliance organisations —
1. Very detailed document includes overall goals for Member States, and describes what’s to happen in individual cases. Organisations with more than 250 workers have to comply with provisions by December 2021. Those with more than 50 by December 2023. There are details on how to handle individual reports.
2. There’s a route for Whistleblowers to report externally to authorities within Member States. Under certain conditions matters can be disclosed publicly.
3. There are eye-catching details on non-retaliation. Examines the practicalities of exactly how to handle retaliation.
(Written by Ezekiel Ward from North Star Compliance)

In Nigeria we have an anti-corruption programme –
That encourages people to voluntarily disclose information about fraud, bribery, looted government funds, financial misconduct, government assets and any other form of corruption or theft to the Federal Ministry of Finance.

In the USA if you need Whistleblower protection –
You get Confidential Expert help. Contact the experts; the famous Qui Tam Expert, an experienced leader. Their services include: Healthcare, Fraud, Whistleblower, etc.

Elections in Nigeria –
The just concluded elections in Edo State gives one a chance to shine a torch on the deployment of Whistleblowing as a means to curbing corruption and rigging in Nigerian elections.


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