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John Cardinal Onaiyekan, says even though there are “bad people creating serious problems in the country,

Eminent cleric, John Cardinal Onaiyekan, says even though there are “bad people creating serious problems in the country,” Nigerians should work in harmony to correct impressions that citizens kill themselves every day.

Mr Onaiyekan stated this during breaking of fast with Muslims at Al-Habibiyat Foundation in Abuja Nigeria’s capital, VON reported.

He stated that despite a series of negative reports, Nigerians, regardless of their religious beliefs still live in togetherness compared to other countries.

The religious leader’s views come amidst the spate of insecurity across the country and calls for resignation or removal of Isa Pantami as Nigeria’s communication minister, after a video of his extremist views surfaced online.

The former president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) explained that it is the role of religious leaders to preach peace to not only members of their faith, but every citizen.

“There are some bad people who are creating serious problems,” he said, noting that “this is where the politicians come in because they are the one with political power and political power also come with what we call it kinetic energy, they are the ones that has gun and can shoot and force people.”

Mr Onaiyekan stressed that the responsibility of protecting the citizens and prosecuting the unlawfully armed ones lies with political office holders.

He further stated that it is the duty of those in the corridor of power to ensure that good people are protected and the evil ones are disarmed within the society.

In his remark, Simon Lalong, the Chairman of Northern Governor Forum and Governor of Plateau state, who said he “can do anything to promote peace in Nigeria,” encouraged politicians to ensure religious harmony across the country in order to foster the nation’s developments.

”What I learned here was that every day both Muslims and Christians met here to break fast. If God wanted, He can create you a Christian or a Muslim. When I was told of this event yesterday I told them that I will attend because I can do anything to promote peace in the country,” Mr Lalong said.

Speaking further, the governor said that his state government did not only establish a peace Agency but created an inter religious Council in which Mr Onaiyekan, Sultan of Sokoto, Sa’ad Abubakar are members.


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