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National Power Grid Fails Again

The  national electricity grid based in Osogbo the Osun State capital has failed again.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) describes the situation as a normal global occurrence. Each time the collapse of the power supply occurs, it  comes with a huge economic loss for consumers, especially commercial entities.


Speaking on the situation in Abuja, the Acting Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of TCN, Sule Ahmed Abdulaziz said, grid collapse occurs in every country, insisting that Nigeria’s case should not be overplayed.

Abdulaziz blamed distribution companies for the erratic power supply in the country, saying: “We are able to evacuate all the power generated in this country. The issue we have is the distribution companies.”

“Since I came to office, we have achieved a lot of improvements, including the completion of substations. There has not been a system collapse except the one that happened on Sunday around 11:40 am and it is one of the fastest system collapse restoration; because, within 40minutes, we were able to address the issue first in Abuja, then other states.

“What I want you to understand is that in every country there is system collapse, the most important thing is the way and manner it is being addressed,” he stated.

Although the rate of collapse has reduced post privatisation, as statistics from TCN’s System Operator (SO) showed that 109 grid failures occurred from 2010 to 2013, stakeholders insisted that there was no justification for grid failure whatsoever.

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