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NBA Youngboy American star expecting 8th child with girlfriend

Twenty-one-year-old Kentrell Desean Gaulden, popularly known as NBA Youngboy, is set to welcome his eighth child with his girlfriend, Jazlyn Mychelle.

The young father of seven who is presently behind bars is expecting another baby, three months after welcoming his seventh child with popular boxer Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya Mayweather.

In 2016, the rapper welcomed his first child with his first baby mother, Nisha, while he was 17.

In 2018, he welcomed his second child with his second baby mother, Star Dejanee, although DNA tests proved he wasn’t the biological father, the rapper continued to raise the child as his.

The rapper has proceeded to have other offsprings with different women till the recent expected with his current girlfriend.

Jazlyn shared an update from the rapper, who remains behind bars, “It’s cool cooler than my ice I’m waiting to put back on my neck it’s all good believe that,” she wrote before signing it “Sincerely Kentrell”

The previous girlfriend Yaya Mayweather took to her social media, the exact message from NBA YoungBoy.

Youngboy was arrested in March 2021 after pleading guilty to being in possession of a firearm.

A federal judge ruled that he be kept in jail till he faces trial in June.


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