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Niece Berate Trump,Call For his Removal From Office

Estranged niece to the 45th United States President, says her uncle is ‘unstable’ and called again for him to be removed from office ‘immediately’.

In  an interview with the Guardian on Sunday, Mary Trump, a clinical psychologist and a vocal critic of the president stated, “My uncle is unstable. He needs to be removed immediately.”

Last year, Mary Trump, whose tell-all book on her uncle sold over a million copies, was speaking after the violent scenes in Washington, DC, last week when a mob of pro-Trump protestors stormed the capitol hill building, Five people died during the failed insurrection, including a police officer.

She called for the president to be removed from office via the 25th Amendment, adding: “This is not a time to deliberate. It’s time to act quickly.”

Mary Trump previously called for her uncle’s removal from officein a separate interview with Insider this week, saying he should be “impeached and removed from office immediately.”

In same vein, growing number of Democratic Congress members, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi , want to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump. Any successful effort would need support from the vice president and a majority of Cabinet members.


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