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Sean Hannity: Trump made Biden feel ‘full force of truth’ during final debate

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was “caught in lie after lie after lie” during the second and final presidential debate of the 2020 presidential campaign, Fox News host Sean Hannity claimed.

“Joe Biden actually left his basement bunker,” the “Hannity” host proclaimed. “He may come to regret it.”

Hannity added that Biden’s often-repeated campaign statement that  “character is on the ballot” may “come back to bite him.”

According to “Hannity” Biden was caught in the lie of that he referred to President Trump’s China travel restrictions as “xenophobic” and “racist,” even though tweets from the former vice president himself prove otherwise.

Trump also raised the developing corruption scandal involving Joe Biden’s son Hunter and confronted the former vice president over the “horrible emails” first reported by the New York Post last week.

“[Trump] held Joe Biden – 47 years all talk, no action – accountable. Someone had to do it,” Hannity said. “The president likes to say the truth is a force of nature. And tonight, Joe Biden felt the full force of truth during the debate.”


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