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Security committee recommends Muslim-Christian marriages to prevent Nigeria’s breakup

Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Culture, says he will on Thursday present the recommendations of the Kaduna town hall meeting on national security to the National Economic Council, and one of its recommendations is encouraging more interreligious and inter-tribal marriages to prevent Nigeria’s breakup.

Revealing the intermarriage recommendation among others, Mr. Mohammed said, “Another interesting thing that was agreed upon was that under Nigeria’s constitution, Article 15, 3C has provision encouraging Nigerians to intermarry.

“Christians are encouraged to marry Muslims, Itsekiri should marry Hausa, Yoruba should marry Igbo, when you have that kind of intermarriage, it becomes more difficult to break the country.”

Mr. Buhari’s propaganda chief disclosed this in Abuja while fielding questions at a News Agency of Nigeria flagship interview program, NANForum.

Through the Ministry of Information, the federal government had convened the national security town hall meeting on April 8.

The town hall meeting, which drew participants from the academia, private sector, and civil society, addressed the nation’s security challenges and the effect on national unity and cohesion.

Themed ‘Setting Benchmarks for Enhanced Security and National Unity in Nigeria,’ the stakeholders came up with 10.

The committee also addressed the issue of herdsmen and open grazing.

“It was also agreed that the way we practice our animal husbandry is not sustainable and that we must establish ranches, grazing reserves with modern amenities like schools, veterinary clinics, and watering holes,” said Mr. Mohammed.



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