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Security Doubled In Wine’s Home Despite Court Orders

Despite Court Orders  on Monday Morning, Ugandan police and the army as at Monday evening were still stationed at the residence of former presidential candidate Bobi Wine.

Military and police deployments instead had been reinforced and checkpoints on the road to his residence had also been increased from two to four.

According to Reports, two cars conveying journalists were stopped at the second roadblock and ordered to go back. Many cars heading to or returning from the area were thoroughly checked.

On Monday evening, Wine reportedly told one of the nation’s leading newspapers by telephone that his home was still under heavy deployment, hours after the court ordered security forces to leave.

“The situation at my place is still the same and police have not left. We know they are still waiting for the order from ‘above’ as they have always waited for Museveni to tell them what to do,” he said.

After the court ruling on Monday, Police Spokesman Fred Enanga said they would abide by the orders and vacate Wine’s home.

The High Court had ruled that Wine’s continued confinement at his residence is illegal.

Last week, Wine and his wife Barbara Itungo, through their lawyers, sent a petition to the High Court to declare the security siege illegal.

“Having found, as I do, that the restrictions imposed on the applicant are unlawful, it is hereby ordered that they are lifted.

“Consequently, an order for the restoration of the personal liberty of the applicant is hereby issued,” Justice Michael Elubu said.

Meanwhile, the judge also ordered government to pay Wine the cost of the petition.

 The judge ruled that, “The application states that Barbara Kyagulanyi Itungo (second applicant) is indeed restricted and prays for appropriate orders. The respondent (Attorney-General/government) denies any such restrictions. In view of the above, this court hereby issues an order for the immediate restoration of Barbara Kyagulanyi Itungo’s full personal liberty.”

The couple had sued the Attorney -General, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) and the Inspector General of Police (IGP).


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