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Sidney Powell Withdraws ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit in Georgia

Sidney Powell, one of the most vocal proponents of unsubustantiated theories that Georgia’s presidential election was full of  fraud, withdrew her lawsuit to overturn the results there.

Powell who was once a member of President Trump’s legal team, first filed the lawsuit in November accusing Dominion, the company that provided Georgia’s new election equipment, of altering the results of the presidential election, handing President-elect Joe Biden the Peach State.

The lawsuit was based on evidence-challenged claims of fraud and even went so far as to say that the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez – who’s been dead for years – could have played a role in throwing Georgia for Biden.

However, the case was dismissed by a U.S. district judge in November, and an appeals court said she did not have standing to try the case in the 11th circuit. She quietly withdrew the suit Tuesday.

Powell herself is facing a lawsuit from Dominion over her claims, saying her viral allegations against the company cost it business. It is seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages.


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