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U.S Cop Fired For Pepper Spraying A Black US Army Lieutenant In Sickening Video

Nazario, who is Latino and black, was in uniform and driving his new SUV with a temporary paper tag displayed on the back window on December 5, when he was told to pull over on U.S. Highway 460 in Windsor, Virginia, a town of about 2,600 residents and about 70 miles southeast of Richmond.

When a police cruiser signaled for him to stop, a lawsuit against the two officers says Nazario put on his blinkers, slowed down and looked for a lighted place to stop.

Nazario stopped at a nearby gas station, less than two minutes after being signaled to pull over.

During the stop, which was captured on police body cameras and Nazario’s cell phone, Nazario told police that he was afraid to get out of the vehicle. An officer responded, ‘Yeah you should be,’ the suit says.

An officer also stated that Nazario was “fixing to ride the lightning,” in an apparent reference to execution by electrocution.

During the arrest, the suit says Nazario had his hands up, offered no resistance, but was pepper sprayed and violently knocked to the ground and detained.

During the incident the soldier, who was handcuffed while his car was searched, asked why force was being used against him. He was told by a police officer: “Because you’re not co-operating.”

How ever Virginia Governor Calls For Investigation Into Police Threatening Black Army Officer.


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