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US: 55-45 Votes For Witness Subpoenas Delay Trump’s Conviction/Acquittal

The United States senators on Saturday voted to allow for witnesses in the Impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, thereby extending the proceedings as lawmakers consider the chances of a conviction for inciting the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol.

The 55-45 vote in favor of allowing witnesses means a decision in the trial is unlikely to come on Saturday. Prior to the vote, closing arguments from the House lawmakers serving as prosecutors and Trump’s defense attorneys had been expected on Saturday after a week-long trial.

Trump, who left office on Jan. 20, is the first U.S. president to be impeached twice and the first to face trial after leaving office. If convicted, the Senate could then vote to bar him from running for office again.

However, conviction is seen as unlikely, as at least 17 Republicans in the 100-seat chamber would have to join all 50 Democrats to find the former president guilty. Top Senate Republican Mitch McConnell will vote to acquit Trump, a source familiar with the situation said on Saturday.


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