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US ELECTION: Electoral College Results By States So Far.

The Electoral College comprising 538 members are meeting today to cast ballots for president based on the election results in their states.

This year, Mr. Biden won states with 306 electoral votes, and President Trump won 232. Despite Mr. Trump’s refusal to concede defeat, every state has certified its election results and appointed electors pledged to the candidate who carried its votes.

Trump and his allies  relentlessly sought to reverse results through scores of legal challenges claiming election fraud,none of which had succeeded so far.

The last time the Electoral College met was four years ago, when seven individuals ignored the popular vote and cast ballots for a different candidate. This time Supreme Court has made it easier for states to rein in “faithless electors.”

In a supreme court ruling this year, states were given the power to remove rogue electors who don’t support their state’s vote winner.

The next important date on the calendar leading to the inauguration of the new president is Jan. 6, when Congress meets in joint session to formally accept the Electoral College results.


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