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US ELECTION: Trump’s Legal Battle in Dead-end After Supreme Court Ruling on Texas

The  United States Supreme Court on Friday turned down a last minute efforts by Texas to block electors from four battleground states from voting in the Electoral College.

Judges, including conservatives and Trump’s own appointees, have repeatedly rejected the president’s attempts to throw out millions of votes in order to cling to power. He has had just one win in a minor case concerning a small number of ballots.

On Monday, the high court refused to take up the lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton that took aim at the election results in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.

In a statement, Biden’s campaign spokesman Michael Gwin said “the Supreme Court has decisively and speedily rejected the latest of Donald Trump and his allies’ attacks on the democratic process. This is no surprise — dozens of judges, election officials from both parties, and Trump’s own Attorney General have dismissed his baseless attempts to deny that he lost the election. President-elect Biden’s clear and commanding victory will be ratified by the Electoral College on Monday, and he will be sworn in on January 20th.”


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