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Police Arrest Sen. Andy Uba for Alleged N400m Fraud

Police Arrest Sen. Andy Uba for Alleged N400m Fraud

Controversial businessman and politician, Andy Uba, is currently behind bars at the Police Headquarters, otherwise known as force headquarters, Abuja.

He was arrested on Wednesday April 26.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) monitoring Unit, acting on a petition dated April 5, 2023 written by billionaire Activist, Dr George Uboh for alleged 400 million naira fraud has arrested Senator Andy Uba on Wednesday, April 26.

A source, in the IGP monitoring Unit disclosed to The Union Nigeria, that while in detention Sen. Uba and his alleged cohort, one Mr Benjamin Etu continued in the same alleged fraudulent pattern in trying to create a phantom job to cover up their tracks which proved abortive.

The source stated that Andy Uba allegedly claimed that he discounted Panic Alert Security System’s (PASS), Paris Club Refund Promissory note without evidence and without establishing evidence of nexus between the company that discounted the Promissory note and himself.

It was disclosed that in an undertaking signed by Mr Benjamin Etu, written on Monday September 13, 2022, in which Etu squarely linked Andy Uba to the fraud and promised to pay in 30 days, Etu again demonstrated same wanton disregard for law enforcement by propounding that the senior Police Officer in charge of the case and his men to whom the undertaking was made, had guns pointed at him when he was writing the undertaking.

Meanwhile the senior Police Officer has debunked Etu’s assertion as pathetic and unrepentant stating that he was actually pleading to George Uboh on behalf of Etu for him not to be detained on the date of the undertaking.

The source said that,”Etu when confronted on the recordings George Uboh tendered in which Etu and Uba were begging Dr Uboh to refund the money after which Etu collected George uboh’s account number, Etu said the recordings were clone, given the fact that George Uboh is a security expert.”

A former senior Special Assistant to former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, Andy Uba, has always been at his best when he courts controversy.

He is either enmeshed in a political, business or private controversy. The last controversy the former governorship aspirant of Anambra State was enmeshed in, was over a debt of N50 million he owed renowned businessman, Arthur Eze, prompting the seizure of some of his cars when he refused to pay back.

He had promised to be making a monthly N1 million installment payment, but defaulted on that promise. He, however, denied he got any loan from Eze when the matter came up in court.

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